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Traditional Thai massage is the manual medicine branch of 2500 years of traditional Thai medicine. It combines elements of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure, working with the energy pathways of the body and the therapy points that are located along these lines.

Traditional Thai Massage is an holistic therapy combining modern scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the disciplines of traditional Oriental medicine.

Traditional Thai massage can relieve many common ailments, including: backache, stress, sciatica, migraine, tension and sports injuries. It can also aid recovery after pregnancy, help relaxation, complement meditation, and increase vitality.

Using pressure to relax and heat the entire body, a Thai massage lasts up to 1 hour. Pressure ranges from very gentle, to very firm, and is applied to the energy points of the body, releasing trapped energy. The practitioner also applies stretching movements to relax, energise, and open up your body, increasing flexibility and releasing tension.

Benefits of Thai Massage include:

- Relieves physical and emotional tension
- Relaxes muscles and improves flexibility
- Provides relief from muscular aches and pains
- Facilitiates proper muscular-skeletal alignment
- Improves circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system

Thai Massage is a deeply healing and relaxing experience. It is highly recommended for sports injuries, stress relief, and general health.

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